We Need Your Voice, Contact the Prince George’s County Council Today

The Prince George’s County Council is currently considering a bill that could completely change the services we are able to provide in your area. Council Bill 008 adds many additional layers of expense and bureaucracy to already existing and effective legislation aimed at protecting our health and the environment.


County Bill 8 went before the County Council on Tuesday, July 14th. Click here to watch a recording of the meeting . The sponsor of the bill, Council Member Dernoga, introduced a second draft right before the meeting, and a few of the issues we had previously raised have already been addressed. While they have started hearing our concerns, we still have a long way to go.
It appears that the Council agrees that there are more timely concerns facing our community this summer, and they have postponed further discussion until the fall. We are still facing an uphill battle, so we ask that you keep calling and emailing, to let the Council know how you feel about the bill. We sincerely appreciate your support and hope to continue serving families in Prince George’s county for many years to come.

Sign Our Petition, then Consider Calling to Boost the Signal
Phone numbers are listed at the bottom of this page. 

Oppose Council Bill 008

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I hereby state my opposition to Council Bill 008. I have made this choice of my own free will, without any threat or coercion.
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MRW Lawns, Inc. has been proud to serve Maryland families and create greener neighborhoods for more than 30 years. As your community lawn care provider, we want to ensure that homeowners are aware of any local, state, or federal regulatory changes that could impact your service.

 Why You Should Call Your Council Member Today

  • MRW Lawns, Inc. observes the already rigorous licensure, testing, and training standards set forth by current federal, state, and local laws. All MRW products are proven safe for your family when applied according to label directions and are already EPA and MDA approved.
  • Everyone deserves the right to a healthy, beautiful lawn you can enjoy with your family. Rather than improving safety or the lives of responsible homeowners, these changes would only make a healthy and beautiful lawn less affordable and attainable for Prince George’s County residents.
  • The proposed legislation would significantly reduce the number of lawn care treatment solutions available to you. This bill restricts much of our pesticide use to a small list of organic products that are much less effective and much more expensive.

 Benefits of a Healthy MRW Lawn

We all know that a healthy lawn is beautiful, just by looking at it. But did you know that healthy turf is great for the environment?
  • Lawns work to improve air quality and filter rainwater by absorbing atmospheric pollutants through grass blades and water contaminants through the roots. Rainwater filtered through grass roots can be up to 10x less acidic.
  • Healthy lawns breathe in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen.
  • Grass reduces temperatures by creating a carbon sink, absorbing sunlight, reducing glare, and through the cooling properties of evapotranspiration.

The excess sediment from stormwater runoff can block sunlight from reaching underwater plants and suffocate shellfish. The extensive root systems of grass bind soil more effectively than any other plant, providing effective erosion control.

And those are just the environmental benefits! A healthy lawn gives a safely cushioned space for kids to play in, absorbs noise pollution, and can add anywhere from 5-15% to your home value in curb appeal! Plus, recent studies have shown that green space in urban environments is important to mental health!

Why Is Pest and Weed Control Important For Your Lawn?

In rural areas, old-growth forests, wild meadows, and even farmland can provide some of the above benefits, but in urban and suburban areas, turfgrass is the key to environmental health. Unlike a towering tree, however, turfgrass needs help to flourish. A thick, healthy stand of turf can have as many as six plants per square inch, a number that can’t be matched by common weeds. Without the aid of chemical applications, insects and disease quickly thin the long-lived perennial grasses in lawns. As the turfgrass dies out, it is replaced by annual weeds, which lack the close grouping and deep, tangled root systems that enable turfgrass to so effectively control temperatures, reduce noise pollution, filter rain, and reduce stormwater runoff.

MRW Lawns, Inc. Cares…

about our customers and our environment, especially the Chesapeake Bay and waterways of Southern Maryland.Heart of Grass

Our Mission has always been to provide our customers with the best agronomic and environmentally sound lawn and landscape services at the best price.

Council Bill 008 would prevent us from servicing your lawn as before. This legislation threatens your access to professional services like MRW Lawns and even your ability to pursue DIY lawn care.

Please find below the contact information for your council members in Prince George’s County. Please find your district, and contact your council member to let them know that you care about your right to a beautiful, healthy, and affordable lawn for you, your family, and the Bay; and if this is your first time hearing about this legislation, ask them for greater transparency on legislation that affects you.

County Council Address:

14741 Gov. Oden Bowie Drive
County Council, 2nd Floor
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

District 1      The Honorable Thomas E Dernoga

Phone: 301-952-3887
Constituent areas include: Adelphi, Beltsville, Calverton, North College Park, Laurel, Montpelier, South Laurel, West Laurel, and Vansville

District 2      The Honorable Deni L. Taveras

Phone: 301-952-4436
Fax: 301-952-3238
Constituent areas include: Adelphi, Avondale, Brentwood, Carole Highlands, Chillum, Green Meadows, Hyattsville, Langley Park, Lewisdale, Mount Rainer, and North Brentwood

District 3      The Honorable Daniel Glaros

Phone: 301-952-3060
Fax: 301-952-4904
Constituent areas include: Beacon Heights, Berwyn Heights, College Park Estates, College Park, East Pines, Glenn Dale, Glenridge, Landover Hills, Lanham, New Carrollton, Riverdale Heights and Hills, Riverdale Park, Seabrook, Templeton Knolls, University Park, West Lanham Hills, and Woodlawn

District 4      The Honorable Todd M. Turner

Fax: 301-952-4910
Constituent areas include: Bowie, Glenn Dale, Greenbelt, Westchester Park, parts of Lanham-Seabrook, and Upper Marlboro

District 5      The Honorable Jolene Ivey

Phone: 301-952-3864
Constituent areas include: Bladensburg, Cheverly, Colmar Manor, Cottage City,​ Edmonston, Fairmount Heights, Glenarden​, Landover, Springdale, portions of Lanham, ​Mitchellville, and portions of unincorporated Bowie and Hyattsville

District 6     The Honorable Derrick Leon Davis

Phone: 301-952-3426
Constituent areas include: City of District Heights, Forestville, Kettering, Largo, Mitchellville and the unincorporated areas of Bowie, Capitol Heights, and Upper Marlboro

District 7     The Honorable Rodney C. Streeter

Phone: 301-952-3690
Constituent areas include: Capitol Heights, District Heights, Hillcrest Heights, Marlow Heights, Morningside, Seat Pleasant, Suitland, Temple Hills, and portions of Forestville and Oxon Hill
Fax: 301-952-4821
Constituent areas include: Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Clinton, Forest Heights, Fort Washington, Glass Manor, Marlow Heights, Oxon Hill, and Temple Hills

District 9     The Honorable Sydney J. Harrison

Constituent areas include:  Accokeek, Aquasco, Baden, Brandywine, Cheltenham, Clinton, Croom, Eagle Harbor, Fort Washington, Joint Base Andrews, Piscataway, and Upper Marlboro