We remain as the best choice in Southern Maryland when you choose to hire a professional lawn care company.

We have been satisfying homeowners in Maryland for more than 27 years, making our goal to give you the best possible service and products at the best possible price.

Due to our well trained technicians we can apply the highest quality fertilizer, seed and pest control products available in our industry for you.

You will get only the best possible results when you practice proper cultural practices (watering and mowing).

If something is not right, our technicians will come and walk the lawn with you and figure out what the problem is.

And we will continue to work on your problem on the most honest and open way until it is solved and we get you satisfied.

Water quality is a major issue in our area, and we are committed to protect it with in the watersheds in which we work.

Our technicians are taught a sense of stewardship of the environment,  we only employ the Best Management Practices:

  • The use of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Principles- A decision making process before making a pesticide application.
  • Use of only slow release nitrogen sources.
  • Cleaning of impervious surfaces (sidewalks, driveways, and streets) after granular applications.
  • Soil testing every three years to determine nutrient needs.

Whether it is for the:

  • Professional quality of our products.
  • Trained and courteous technicians.
  • Our environmental stewardship
  • Our willingness to work with you to solve the worst of your lawn problems.
  • The honest way in which we present expectations and meet or exceed them.

MRW Lawns, Inc. remains the best choice in Maryland when you choose to hire a professional lawn care company.

MRW Lawns, Inc. Mission

To provide our customers with the best agronomic and environmentally sound lawn and landscape services at the best possible price.

Through excellent teamwork, pride, quality and customer service, our employees are committed to make us the best lawn care company.

As a result of loyalty, teamwork and mutual respect, all will profit from a successful company and build a rapport between MRW and the customer.