Lawn Disease Control

Of all lawn-damaging problems, fungal diseases of turfgrass are some of the most difficult to control. There are several diseases that can infect your lawn. Our disease control products consist of three products mixed together to provide you with effective control of the worst fungal diseases like brown patch, dollar spot, pythium blight, and others. While diseases are not eliminated, these applications help suppress summer disease problems and reduce the incidence of summertime blighting to help keep your lawn looking its best through the tough, stressful summer period. We recommend four to six applications for best results depending on when the applications are started. Additional applications may be needed if weather conditions are conducive to disease development.

Of course, these problems can be managed without the use of fungicide applications if proper mowing and watering is practiced. A lawn stressed by summer weather should recover when the weather changes and we apply late summer and fall fertilizer. However, if maintaining a near perfect looking lawn through the heat of the summer is a priority, regular fungicide applications and water, along with consistent high mowing is essential.

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