Cankerworm Invasion

CankerwormThere seems to be a Cankerworm invasion!

An increased population of cankerworms (commonly called inchworms) in our area has led to bothersome webs hanging from trees along with loss of leaves in the spring.

The best defense is to band trees in the fall to prevent cankerworms from traveling to the top to lay eggs. Depending on the types of trees and shrubs on a property and the property owner’s level of tolerance, there are several things we can do for cankerworm prevention and removal.

Before calling us consider these important points:

Cankerworms won’t last forever. Our experience indicates the larva stage will be present only about 4 to 5 weeks from the time they hatch out in early spring.

Cankerworms will not kill a healthy tree. If all the leaves are removed, the tree will wait a few weeks and then put out new leaves. After new leaves form, there still will be enough growing season for a healthy tree to recover.

Spraying is less effective. Since the larva stage is short term, the cankerworms won’t kill the tree and spraying a mature tree is difficult or expensive. Most homeowners can ignore the spring infestation on mature shade trees. However, a heavy infestation of feeding Cankerworms can defoliate small ornamental trees like cherry or plum. These should be protected.

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