Bermuda Grass Suppression

Common bermudagrass is a very aggressive perennial, warm season grass with an extensive, spreading root system. Because of the invasive nature of this weed, complete control is rarely realized. However, MRW Lawns, Inc. Bermudagrass Suppression Program works well, and will reduce the amount of bermudagrass in your lawn by greater than 90% after 2 years of consecutive treatment.

The product applied is a combination of two specialty herbicides. The program offers well-timed applications completed approximately 25-32 days apart. Because the herbicide mixture has a systemic mode of action, these applications need to be applied when the bermudagrass is actively growing during the hottest months of the year. Regular watering is key to success. Not only will regular watering ensure the active ingredients move throughout the plant’s system, it will reduce injury to desirable bluegrass and tall fescue. Watering should start a week or so prior to the first application and continue until all applications are complete. If you cannot water, the program will still work. However, it will be less effective.

Over the past several years, we have proven the effectiveness of this program against bermudagrass and other weeds. If you follow the instructions we provide, you will have a lawn that will be free of noxious weeds like bermudagrass.

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