Annual Lawn Care Program

Our annual lawn care program consists of seven (7) lawn applications throughout the year strategically timed to provide your lawn with an essential treatment regimen at the proper time.


A balanced nutrient program is essential to the health of your lawn. We use a combination of quality slow-release, liquid & granular, natural and synthetic organic nitrogen fertilizer products. As a result, we give your lawn what it needs at the right time to keep it thick and healthy. All granular materials are cleaned off impervious surfaces after the application to prevent runoff into area storm drains.

Weed and Pest Control

Weeds can be particularly challenging for the property owner. With each and every visit, our technicians will carefully monitor your lawn for its special problems with weeds, insects, and disease. We have the products you need to manage the toughest problems in your lawn, and will only apply those necessary. At the same time, this will also help you prevent damage from surface-feeding insects like sod-webworm and chinch bug. Our products are chosen carefully for your safety, your family and also the environment and the effectiveness against the target pests. All granular materials are cleaned off of impervious surfaces to prevent runoff into area storm drains.

Season-Long Grub Protection

White grubs are the larvae of several different species of beetles, such as the Japanese beetles. Their damage occurs as a result of the grubs feeding on the roots of your grass. Our season-long grub protection is guaranteed to protect your lawn from damage from white grubs. In any case, if this application is made to your lawn, and it develops a problem with grubs, we will apply a special rescue treatment to take care of the problem at no additional charge.

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