The weather man is calling for BEAUTIFUL WEATHER! over the next several days. Sunny skies with no rain in sight for the near future. While you are making your plans to take advantage of the sunny skies, don’t forget to give the lawn some attention. It will need some water from you. Go to our website and review how to best take care of the lawn as the soil water bank starts to dry up.

Summer Lawn Care

MRW Lawns Earns Esteemed 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award.

MRW Lawns has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2015.

“We couldn’t be happier about receiving this award. It is one more way we can guarantee our customers are getting the best service!” said MRW Lawns.
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Just in Time for Christmas!

MRW Lawns Gift Cards Now Available!

When your friends and family ask you what you want for Christmas, tell them to buy you the Gift of GREEN this holiday season! MRW Lawns, Inc. is now offering gift cards. With an MRW Lawns, Inc. gift Heart of Grasscard, you can purchase valuable services like lawn fertilization, weed control and pest control for the outside of your home. This gift card can be used for existing services as well as new services. Regular treatments are a sure way to create a beautiful usable outside space for entertaining friends and family on those long holiday weekends or anytime. They help create a safe environment for the kids and the family pets, free of weeds and harmful insects.

MRW Lawns Gift Cards are available for any amount. Call us at (301)-870-3411, Monday-Friday 9am-5:30PM, or click here to order from our secure web page, and we will put the gift card in the mail as soon as we get the order. Gift Cards should be ordered by December 20, 2015 in ordered to be mailed and received by Christmas. They can also be purchased by visiting our office at 5440 Washington Ave., LaPlata, Md. 20646. We are open until 12 noon on Christmas Eve. 

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Happy Independence Day


Fireworks behind statue of liberty
Fireworks behind statue of liberty

Beautiful Day!!

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MRW Office Sign

It’s a beautiful day here at MRW Lawns, Inc. The low humidity and nice temperatures allow for some good drying after the torrential storms on Saturday. Enjoy it while it lasts, and be sure not to let the lawn get too tall. Now, it is important not to mow when the soil saturated, but try not to let it get too tall, and mow it twice if you have to to remove excess growth (for example; the lawn gets to 7″ and you want to mow it to 3″). It is important to understand that you will severely stress the lawn if you remove too much at one time. Also, a lawn that is too tall will hold excess moisture and that will aggravate disease pressure. Be sure to follow good maintenance practices to insure your lawn makes it through the tough summer.

Picture of green roof 6/29/2015

Picture of green roof 6/29/2015

The Facts About Pest Control

This publication presents the facts about the law and safety of pest  products. A good read to set your mind at ease about the proper use of these products. Please remember to always read and carefully follow all label instructions.

 Keeping the Bay Blue


How to manage your lawn during hot summer weather

1010012_10152300723320016_1466405545_n[1]If there is one thing we can count on here in Washington DC, it is the hot summer weather periods we experience every year in summer. Don’t let it get the better of your lawn. Go to our website today at www.mrwlawns.com and read our Summertime Tips under the Seasonal Tips menu. This will guide you to do the right things during the tough times this summer. As always, feel free to call if you have questions or need assistance.

Rose Slug Alert

If the leaves on your roses look like this, you need to read the link to the fax sheet included here. This is damage of a rose slug sawfly larvae. They are pretty bad this year. Roseslugs fact sheet
Rose Slug


Summertime Watering Tips

Check out the Bayer Advanced Summer Lawn Watering Guide and sharpen your irrigation skills. Learn what you can do to prevent brown patches from cropping up in your yard.


Tip: do not mow the lawn on a hot dry afternoon. If the lawn is in stress, it is better to just leave it alone unless you plan to water.
Tip: do not mow the lawn on a hot dry afternoon, esp if the lawn is in drought stress. If the lawn is in stress, either water to break dormancy before mowing, or just leave it alone